Hi! I'm so glad you are here! Below you will find my 3 secrets to being a fully booked photographer with clients I LOVE to shoot. You can either watch the 14 minute video below. The video is most helpful for learning how to set up a Google Ad, as I provide an over-the-shoulder video of me setting one up. Or, if you're short on time, scroll down past the video where you will find my 3 tips written out with downloads to help you implement them into your business!





If you're short on time and want the cliff notes version, here it is!


My name is Lindsay and I am a family/newborn/branding photographer. I've been in the photography business for over 10 years and have built my business twice. The first time was in San Diego where I had lived most of my life. It was easy to build my business there because I knew so many people and it just happened organically. A few years ago we had an unexpected move to Austin and I had to start from scratch without knowing a single person. In an effort to expedite things I was signing up for photography business classes and workshops and feeling frustrated by the vague advice they were giving like "know your why". At one of the workshops I was complaining to another photographer during lunch about the lack of actionable direction being provided and she graciously shared the best advice with me for attracting the right clients -

which brings me to:

TIP #1:

Google Ads


To learn more about google ads, watch the video above from 2:20-10:53 for an in depth explanation and to watch me set up a google ad, OR download the step by step guide below:

TIP #2:

Create a Strong Website to Convert Clients


To learn more about optimizing your website, download my website checklist below and also listen to the video from 10:53-11:57 to hear me explain a tip about converting more clients from your contact page.

TIP #3:

Create a Positive Client Experience


To learn more about how to create a positive client experience that is great for both YOU and YOUR CLIENTS, listen to the video from 11:57-13:35 and download the pdf below:


If you found the above information helpful and would like to learn more, you have two options:


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2. Schedule a Free Coaching Call with me so I can help you with any business questions you have!