10 Tips to Get More Photography Inquiries from your Contact Page

I’m so excited to share these simple tips to your contact page that will lead to more photography inquiries!

I recently stumbled upon the Meredith’s Husband Podcast which is geared toward helping photographers with all things SEO. It is funny, concise and I am learning so much. The other day he shared some tips on how to get more conversions by making some small tweaks on your conatct page. I’m in the middle of re-doing my website, so I paid extra close attention. I think I will implement most of them but am vacillating a bit on number one because of astheics. I’m curious if you would implement it? Anyway, without here is what he shared on contact page conversion.

  1.  The title of your contact page heading should say “Contact Lindsay Herkert Photo Co” (insert your name after contact). The reason is, someone might be specifically searching for you on google and so having your name listed makes the search more efficient. And google rewards efficiency.
  2. You should have a link to your Contact Page in the main navigation at the top and also the in footer.
  3. The first question to ask potential clients is NOT their name or email! It should be more along of the lines of how can I help you? Translated to the photography business, the question would go something like this: “What type of photography are you interested in” with a dropdown menu of options of the type of photography you offer.

Happy Photography Clients Throwing Glitter

4. Keep the contact questions short. Somewhere between three-five questions is the perfect amount. If you have to include more definitely do not go over 10 or consider asking them once your potential client has pressed send! 

5. Don’t ask for their phone number. It is too personal and not neccessary at this point. The contact page is just the intial reaching out. A name and their email address is enough. 

6. If you have credentials or awards, put them on the contact page! If you don’t have any awards or credentials, then a review would also work. You are building trust on this page so anything that speaks to who you are. If you don’t have any awards, credentials, or reviews – not to worry! Put a picture of you smiling at the camera. Not a picture of you taking a picture or doing your job, but a basic photo of you smiling at the camera. It connects you to your potenital client. 

7. Change the submit button to say SEND. Better yet, change it to say SEND TO…and then your company name. It is more personal and much friendlier! 

8. Research shows that the quicker you respond to a photo inquiry the more likely you are to land the contract! In other words – don’t wait two days to reply to a potential client. The speed of your response does matter. Because of this, it is worth considering setting up an autoresponder. If you choose to do this, make sure the response is conversational and written in plain text. You don’t want it looking like a newsletter or content heavy. If you have more questions that you kept out of the contact form, you could add one or two here to keep the conversation going. For example, “What month or timeframe would you like your photo session?” If you can, set your auto responder to reply about 10 minutes after the inquiry so it doesn’t look as much like an autoresponder. 

9. Test your Contact Page! Fill out the contact page to see where your inquiries are going. Double check to make sure they aren’t going into your spam! 

10. Make sure it looks good on mobile. If your contact page works, it will work on mobile too. But, check to make sure it is aesthetically pleasing on your phone since so many people are working off their phones these days! 

I’m super excited to implement these ideas shared by Meredith’s Husband! Now to get to work on my Contact Page!


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