blueHEY PHOTOGRAPHERS, LEMME GRAB YOUR ATTENTION!let's create that business that you've been dreaming aboutSo you want to create a portrait photography business with a
calendar full of ideal clients, but you have no idea where to begin?
Or maybe you've started, but it's just not working the way you want?
If either of these scenarios resonates with you, you're in the right place!

tell me more!

Photography Business Education

Resources + Mentoring for Lifestyle Family Photographers who want to create a profitable & sustainable business they love!

Figuring out how to run a successful photography business isn’t easy. But you don’t have to do it alone! I’m here to share 11 + years of knowledge and help you avoid making the mistakes I did, give you confidence, and skip years of frustration! Access on-demand courses, mentoring, email templates, and marketing tips to build your successful photography business.






What If....

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You consistently received client inquiries from people who value your craft and photography skills without having to become entangled in the social media whirlwind.

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You designed your pricing strategy to build a profitable and sustainable photography business, resulting in feelings of pride and excitement about photoshoots instead of feeling taken advantage of.

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You had systems in place to handle the volume of work you're taking on that not only establish you as professional, consistent, and in control but also give you back time in your personal life.

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Your website, portfolio, and branding consistently and cohesively let your artistic voice shine through and in turn bring in clients who insist on RAVING about you.

Just imagine what your business & life would be like...

Olive Green Floral Photo Twitter HeaderTHE BEST WAY TO GET AHEAD
Untitled-design-4 pngHey! I'm Lindsay!
Your new photogapher
best friend!
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Owner + Photographer of
Lindsay Herkert Photo Co

I can't wait to get to know you, but first here's a bit about me!


I have been in the family photography business for over a decade and in that time I built my business twice. The first time was in San Diego where I have lived most of my life. I built my photography business organically through friends, family and referrals as I simultaneously learned the art of photography. In late 2017 we had an unexpected move to Austin where I was forced to let go of the business I had worked hard to build.


After moving, I decided I wanted to build my photography business better and in a way that worked 100% for me. I signed up for a few photography business workshops to help get me started on my new quest and was disappointed by the vague advice and fluff they were teaching. Ironically it was another photographer in one of those workshops who shared the best business advice I've ever received. Implementing what she suggested changed everything for me and my business soon began to thrive with clients who value my work.


Fast forward 7 years and I've created a business that has me consistently turning away clients due to a fully booked calendar, making more money than I ever thought possible, all while having the flexibility to be present with my family, which is my number one priority.


Since learning the tip the photographer shared with me during the business workshop, I have become obsessed with helping other photographers skip the messy trial and error of client building and instead setting up your business to be sustainable, attract the clients you want and make money! With a Marketing degree from SDSU and as a former Marketing Director, teaching other photographers how to build the business of thier dreams has become my passion. Let's go!



3 Tips to Fully Book your Photography Calendar with Ideal Clients


If you're struggling to attract clients who value your work, download my free guide full of actionable items to start building a sustainable & profitable photography business you love!

"Oh goodness I don’t even know where to begin! Lindsay is SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Such a sweet soul and kind heart. She’s so personable & relatable.


I was nervous to purchase “another course/coaching program” but this one - WOW!!! I always said I would never waste money and pay for ads - Google ads have changed the game learning from Lindsay! I’m about 3/4 finished with my course and I’m EXTREMELY more than satisfied with it all. She breaks down everything step by step and takes the time to make sure you understand it."

My goal is to give you the confidence, clarity, & knowledge to rock your photography business!


Helping other photographers is my passion! After years of trial and error and figuring out systems that work, I LOVE sharing this knowledge and helping others skip the messy middle. I am commited to helping you quickly scale your photography business. Let me help make the photography business you've been dreaming about a reality.


I’m an adventurous spirit, love trying new things, and particularly enjoy connecting with other photographers. I will give advice with the intention of helping you grow, and I promise to be honest but kind.


*I am an all inclusive photographer and include a print credit with my sessions. My print sales are done through email and videos. I do NOT do in-person sales.




I Understand That It’s Hard To Invest In

Your Business When You’re Not Booked Out...


Am I right?


And it’s especially hard when you’ve already invested in other photography business courses that didn’t deliver.

But let me ask you something:

At the rate that you’re (not) growing your business-

At the rate that you’re not figuring out what you’re doing “wrong”-

At the rate that you’re charging-

Can you really afford not to invest in your business?



The education shop

Below you'll find courses and products to help you scale your photography business no matter where you are in your journey!


Systems for Success: a 3 Month Family Photography Business Mastermind $1500

A 3-month, high-touch mastermind for family photographers who are ready to build and scale their business to consistently attract the right clients and bring in 4 and 5 figure months.

Stand out in your niche, elevate your client experience, get booked out with quality clients while charging what you are worth, and have FUN in your business and life.


*Offered once a year, December -February. First day available for purchase: Black Friday

{payment plans available}

Lifetime Access to the Course Cabinet

Group Coaching Calls 2x per month

SEO, Website, & Portfolio Reviews

Community for accountability & growth


Systems for Success:

Self-Paced Version

The Systems for Success Course Cabinet includes everything you need to scale your portrait photography business. With over 30 videos, templates, trackers, and the BEST calculator for photographers to price it right - this course will help you create the profitable and sustainable photography business you've been dreaming of. Skip the messy middle and set yourself up for success! Learn about: Google Ads, Business Basics, Branding, Pricing for Porfit, Portfolio Building, Effective Websites for Converting Clients, SEO for Photographers, Pinerest Strategies, YouTube Strategies, Creating a 5 Star Client Experience, Goal Setting, and a Bonus of Mini Session Strategies!

Lifetime Access to the Course Cabinet

If you decide you want to join the mastermind after purchasing the self-paced version, the cost of the self-paced version will be deducted from the mastermind cost AND get $100 off.

The self-paced version does NOT include any coaching or reviews

Payment plans available


Google® Ads for Portrait Photographers


Implementing Google® Ads was the best decision I made for growing my photography business. Because of Google® Ads, I attract the right clients and have built a profitable & sustainable photography business that I love! Learn my effective Google® Ad strategies in this self-paced course.

Learn everything you need to know to create & optimize an effective Google® Ad Campaign to scale & grow your photography business

Videos, trackers, and templates included

Payment plans available


Photography Basics: a 25 page PDF explaining basic light & composition rules to create stronger photos



Photography Basics: a 25 page PDF explaining basic light & composition rules to create stronger photos

This is a great guide for beginners who want to understand basic rules of photography!


Become confident shooting in open shade, side light
and backlight.

Learn about the rule of thirds, how to use leading lines, and framing to create strong photos.

Learn where to crop, the flow of a photo, and other tips to increase the strength of your photography.


Mentoring: 1 One Hour Call $150 or 2 One Hour Calls $250

If you're feeling like you need tailored advice, specifically for you, I'd love to help. We will go over your biggest challenges and figure out what changes to implement to transform your photography business. You'll walk away with a tailored plan including any pertinent trackers and/or templates neccessary to assist you in reaching your goals.

Calls are scheduled via zoom and last at least one hour

10% off any items from my education shop for 1:1 mentored students.



Family Photography Email Templates

Thinking through your client experience and having your communication written out from inquiry to delivery will be a game changer for your business. Implement clear communication quickly with the Family Photography Email Templates! They will help you to efficiently and effectively communicate with your clients and stay in control of the process with clear boundaries established from the start, allowing you to show up in a professional yet fun way, impressing your clients from beginning to end!

Email Templates including client onboarding, reminders, asking for reviews, and a series of print store emails (for those who give print credit with their photography experience).

Ideal Client Avatar Template & Examples of how to fill this out

Videos showing behind the scenes of Honeybook and Flodesk