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Family boat photos are a fun alternative within lifestyle photography, offering a unique and refreshing approach to capturing the essence of a family. They hold a special charm and appeal, especially for parents of adventurous kiddos, teenagers and tweens. Below are my top reasons why family boat photos are a fun, unique alternative!


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Capture Genuine Connections

My favorite reason – lifestyle family photos on your boat allow me to capture your family in a genuine, authentic way. The dynamics within the family naturally come out while on the lake. Very few prompts are needed as everyone is smiling, connecting and having a great time! Instead of walking in a field, kids and teens are showing off wakeboarding and tubing! Natural smiles are inevitable!

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Embrace Nature’s Beauty

Boat photoshoots provide a beautiful natural backdrop that is both serene and captivating. The rippling water, the play of sunlight on the surface, and the framing of the Pennybacker bridge all offer a picturesque canvas for capturing your family against the backdrop of nature’s beauty.

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Lake, Wake, and Livin’ It Up

Tweens and teens often bring a hint of drama to daily life, so why not kick things up a notch with a wakeboarding and tubing photos? It’s an escape from the ordinary—a chance for your kids to showcase their adventurous spirit while carving through the waters with style.

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Capturing Candid Thrills

Teens navigating adolescence are like stealthy ninjas when it comes to evading the camera. But on a boat or in the water, the candid moments come naturally. We’ll catch those unscripted, heartwarming instances while they’re in action—probably with their adrenaline pumping and wind in their hair.

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Team-Building Time

Parenting tweens and teens is a bit like herding cats. But on a wakeboarding boat, everyone’s part of the team, ready to ride the waves together. It’s a bonding experience unlike any other—full of laughter, support, and cheering on the person behind the boat.

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Capturing Cherished Memories

If you have a boat, lake memories are likely a big part of your family story. Why not capture these?  I promise you, you’ll  look back at the photos and be reminded of some of your best memories. And if you have teens and tweens, boat photos will spotlight a transformative period when your kids are stepping into young adulthood, filled with aspirations and dreams.

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Boosted Confidence and Expression

Teens and tween often wrestle with confidence and self-expression, but wakeboarding, surfing or even tubing adventures empowers them to be unapologetically themselves. The thrill of the ride, the magnificent surroundings, and the closeness of family create a perfect stage for their self-expression.

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Ditch the Screens for Some Splashin’ Fun

Do I even need to elaborate? Ha! Just kidding! In a digital world where screens reign supreme, teens are often more accustomed to texting than talking. A family boat photoshoot is the ultimate screen-time break. It encourages everyone to unplug, interact face-to-face, and share some  laughter-filled moments.

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The Ever-Changing Teen

Teenagers are like shape-shifters, transitioning before your very eyes. A  boat photoshoot documents this ever-evolving stage, capturing the essence of their journey from childhood to adulthood.


Family Heirlooms in the Making

These photos aren’t just snapshots; they’re potential family heirlooms. Like a time capsule, you’ll open these pictures decades later, sharing stories, laughter, and a few “What were we thinking?” moments. They’re a treasured history book, filled with waterlogged pages and faded pictures that document a unique period of growth.

In a nutshell, family boat photoshoots on the lake are a burst of life, especially for parents of teens and tweens. They infuse family photography with energy, capturing the thrill of action, embracing adventure, and immortalizing the transformative years. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can crank up the adventure with your family on the water? Chart a course for your teens’ exhilarating journey into adulthood and capture it all on the lake—it’s a high-flying, high-spirited memory-maker!

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