Joanna Hathcock (a professional freelance makeup artist since 2002) dishes her best beauty tips for your photoshoot to help you feel your best for the big day!

Makeup Do’s & Don’ts for Getting Camera Ready by Joanna Hathcock

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Beauty Tips for your Photoshoot by Joanna Hathcock

If you are anythig like me, the thought of preparing for a photoshoot can be a daunting task. That is why I’ve asked Joanna Hathcock (a professional freelance makeup artist since 2002) to dish her best beauty tips for your photoshoot to help you feel your best for the big day! The art of makeup plays a crucial role in enhancing your features and creating stunning visuals for your headshots and branding photos. To ensure your photoshoot is a success and your makeup stands out in all the right ways, Joanna’s compiled a quick list of do’s and don’ts for makeup preparation. Her guidelines will help you navigate the intricate world of makeup, ensuring that you shine in front of the camera. So, let’s dive into her dos and don’ts that will make your photoshoot a memorable and fun experience!

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  • Give yourself time to get comfortable with any new look you’re sporting
  • Hydrate extra well in the days leading up to your shoot
  • Use high-quality foundation and concealer that is suited to your skin’s tone, type, texture, and color-corrective needs (consult an expert if you’re unsure)
  • Choose eye and lip colors that: 
  1. Enhance your features without overpowering them 
  2. Are neutral enough to harmonize with all your clothing choices and your branding colors
  • Be subtle with your use of highlight, contour, and bronzer–especially when you’ll be shot in natural light
  • Bring what you need to maintain your makeup and hairstyle




  • Do any facial waxing or peels less than 48 hours before your shoot
  • Try out unfamiliar products leading up to or on the day of your shoot 
  • Forget to blend your foundation application down onto your neck
  • Over-glow! All-over shimmer and/or “dewiness” can translate as undesirable shine/grease
  • Use glitter (unless it’s an integral part of the look of your brand)
  • Arrive with unwanted hair regrowth (be it on scalp or face) with the expectation that the photographer will “fix it in post”

Now that Joanna has shared her knowledge with us, let’s get to know her a little better! Joanna has been a professional freelance makeup artist since 2002.  Drawing on her background as an agency model, a visual artist, and training in aesthetics, she applies her versatile skills to photo shoots, fashion shows, video productions, broadcast media, and other live events. Her private clients rely on her to help them look their best on special occasions, and enlist her guidance as a Beauty Coach when seeking to streamline or update their personal beauty practices. She passionately believes that beauty (namely, the quality of “radiance”) is cultivated first from within–which can then be expressed through an artfully polished look on the outside. Joanna is represented by the Dallas-based Kim Dawson Agency for fashion work and currently resides in Austin. 

Joanna is known for her empathic and friendly “chair-side” manner which, in tandem with her extensive experience in beauty, naturally elicits trust from her clients. Especially when Joanna is working with individuals who are their brand, her prime objective is to help them show up as the most vibrant, magnetic, and confident version of themselves for the moments and opportunities that matter most to them. 

Meet Joanna

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As we wrap up this beauty-filled journey into the world of makeup preparation for photoshoots, I hope you’re feeling as enlightened and confident as I am! A massive thank you to Joanna Hathcock, a seasoned freelance makeup artist since 2002, for generously sharing her expertise. With her do’s and don’ts, you’re now armed with the essential knowledge to conquer your photoshoot with style and grace. Joanna’s commitment to bringing out the vibrant and confident versions of her clients is truly inspiring, reflecting her belief that beauty begins from within. If you’re curious to witness her magic, check out Joanna’s portfolio at the esteemed Kim Dawson Agency and catch her vibrant creations on Instagram at @joannahathcockbeauty.

Now that you’ve got Joanna’s makeup secrets under your belt, it’s time to seamlessly blend style with substance. Move on to my Style Guide, where you’ll find an array of tips and tricks for curating the perfect wardrobe for your photoshoot. Plus, here’s an exciting update – all Lindsay Herkert Photo Co clients now have exclusive access to Style & Select, an online styling assistant to ensure you’re dressed to perfection on your big day. Let’s make your photoshoot an unforgettable experience, capturing not just images but the essence of your radiant self! 📸💋✨

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