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If you’re feeling stuck with what to gift your loved ones and friends this season, check out my unconventional list of ideas!  I’m certain you’ll find something you’ll love!

Below, is a roundup of my photography gift go-tos. Each item I recommend has withheld the test of time and is a personal favorite.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!
Happy Shopping!
  1. The Canon Rebel1670509529 1719262

    A fantastic camera to learn photography or just use to capture & document life! I still have mine and use it often. Perfect for tweens, teens, and adults! You can buy new (linked) or look on Facebook Marketplace for a used one! If you purchase used, make sure to ask the shuttercount (should be 60,000 or less).

  2. The “Nifty Fifty” Lens1431301825 1143786

    I highly recommend purchasing this lens if you are interested in learning how to take better photos. It is much easier to learn on a prime lens verses the zoom lens the camera comes with. This is a great lens for the price and produces beautiful Bokeh.

  3. download

    A 25 page guide put together by me to learn basic photography. You’ll learn about how to use light, composition rules, and other elements to create a strong photo. Use code HALFOFF through Nov 30th to get 50% off (for a total of $8.50!)

  4. Photography Idea Cards719OVKT+mNL AC SL1500

    A fantastic stocking stuffer for any photography enthusiast!

  5. The Instax

    My kids LOVE these! They are fun, easy to use and the film makes a great stocking stuffer. They say you take photos of what you love. This reason alone makes this such a fun gift – you get to see the world through your children’s eyes as they document what they’re into during different seasons of their life.

  6. A Photo Album so the Instax Photos Don’t Get Lost!
    photo album

    Take it from me – you’re going to want a place to store these! Otherwise they end up in all the nooks and crannies of your home. Plus, it’s so fun for the kids to have a book to look back at all the fun memories they are creating!

  7. Kidamento Cameradownload (1)

    The coolest camera for young ones! Great for kids ages 3-7. Award-winning and highly recommended!

  8. Pinhole Press Memory Gamepinhole

    The BEST! A customizable memory game. I’ve purchased this multiple years, adding to the game with new memories. Our family loves playing this game of memory while literally taking a trip down memory lane.

  9. Personalized Board Booksboard book

    A great, interactive gift for your toddlers! And there is no limit to what you can make with these! When my kiddos were young, I made each of them a personal A-B-C book, taking photos of their favorite items to create a book of the alphabet. Now we have them tucked away with their baby items as a special momento. For a simpler idea, you could make a book of family members or your favorite highlights from the year.

  10. Coffee Table Book of Your Familycoffee table

    I’ve been using Blurb to create a book of our year since 2014. The print quality & the price are unbeatable! Everyone looks forward to this gift as we reminisce & look at all the memories we created. If you are looking for a quicker option, I suggest Artifact Uprising or Chat Books.


After you finish shopping, click on this link to access my blog post of photo ideas & tips for capturing the magic of the season
 with your family!

Thanks for being an incredible part of my business journey. Your support means the world to me –

XX, Lindsay

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