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The 3 Best Locations in Austin for Branding Photos

Welcome to Lindsay Herkert Photo Co, where I’m going to take you on a visual journey through some of Austin’s most captivating photography locations for branding photography. Hi! I’m Lindsay Herkert, a branding photographer based in Austin, Texas, and I’m going to highlight my three favorite spots in Austin for branding photography.

Location 1: The Domain – Where Art Meets Photography 

At the 0:14 mark, we embark on a journey to The Domain, a hidden gem nestled by Barton Creek in Austin, Texas. Conveniently located off Route 83, it’s a paradise for art lovers. But why do I love it? Let’s explore.

My first piece of advice is to shoot in the morning (0:41). In  my experience the morning light works like magic, offering a clean canvas adorned with captivating backdrops – plus you don’t have the crowds of people in the background. The variety of options will leave your clients in awe and add that extra pop to their branding photos.

The Domain is an artistic wonderland, offering everything you need for a successful branding shoot. However, there’s just one spot to avoid – the Apple Wall.(1:08). Start your shoot in front of CB2, then take a leisurely stroll along Rock Rose Street. Along the way, you’ll discover fantastic cafes that provide picture-perfect settings. With diverse backgrounds and locations within a short walking distance, The Domain is a branding photographer’s dream.

Morning light is the photographer’s best friend (1:34). Its soft, flat quality is perfect for branding photography, ensuring your subjects look fantastic. While you’ll capture a few artsy backlit shots at the beginning, the even lighting throughout the shoot is a huge asset.

Plus, parking is a breeze, and The Domain staff is super accommodating (1:57). So, I highly recommend this location for your next branding photography session. It’s an excellent opportunity to elevate your branding photography game.

Location 2: The Seaholm District – Downtown Branding Haven

At 0:15, I introduce  you to the Seaholm District, a branding photographer’s dream located in downtown Austin. What makes this location stand out? Let’s dive in.

First and foremost, it’s incredibly easy to park (0:25). I always suggest using the Trader Joe’s underground parking lot, with the added perk of receiving validation if you grab a little something from Trader Joe’s. Now, that’s a win-win!

But what truly sets the Seaholm District apart is the remarkable variety it offers within a short walking distance (0:39). This diversity is essential for delivering diverse branding photography with a wide range of backdrops and lifestyle shots. You’ll find restaurants, cool walls, and even the iconic downtown bridge for added photo opportunities (0:51).

For the best experience, I recommend scheduling your shoot in the morning (1:07). It’s less crowded, and the lighting is simply perfect, allowing for an extended session lasting up to two hours (1:19).

Remember, this location requires you to contact property management to get permission and to have insurance, which is standard for such shooting spots (1:31).

Don’t just take my word for it; happy clients and the fun, easy shoot speak volumes (1:42). So, if you’re searching for a fantastic location to elevate your branding photography, make sure to check out the Seaholm District.

Location 3: The Lumen Room Studio – Versatile Space for Headshots and Lifestyle Branding



At 0:21, we venture into the Lumen Room Studio, located conveniently off South Lamar in downtown Austin. This studio is a budget-friendly haven for headshots and modern lifestyle branding photos, and here’s why it shines.

The Lumen Room Studio is one of the most cost-effective options in town (0:35). It’s not only easy to find but also offers straightforward parking, making it an accessible choice. Plus, it even features a bathroom for clients to change in.

The studio itself is a bright, white canvas adorned with a variety of seats including a green velvet couch and awesome velvet chair (0:47). It’s a versatile space where you can unleash your creativity and craft the exact look and feel you desire. To make the most of the lighting, I recommend booking your session between 9 and 12 in the morning (1:06).

The blank slate quality of the Lumen Room is what truly sets it apart (1:22). You have the creative freedom to design the perfect ambiance for your shoot. I even sometimes mix it up by starting with downtown photos in Austin and finishing at the Lumen Room, offering a wide variety of photos for your clients (1:43).

So, if you’re on the hunt for a practical, versatile, and budget-friendly studio for your photography needs, look no further than the Lumen Room Studio in downtown Austin (1:43). Explore this space, and see the magic unfold for yourself.

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