Top 4 Family Photography Locations in Austin

Top 4 Family Photography Locations in Austin

As a family photographer in Austin, Texas, I’m constantly on the lookout for picturesque locations that offer a perfect backdrop for capturing beautiful family moments. Austin is a city blessed with stunning natural beauty and a vibrant urban culture, making it an ideal place for family photography. In this blog post, I will take you on a journey through some of my favorite family photography locations in Austin, including the 360 Bridge Field, Commons Ford Ranch, Woodlands Park, and Bull Creek.

The 360 Bridge Field

The 360 Bridge Field, officially known as the Pennybacker Bridge  is an iconic Austin location. Nestled on the north side of the Colorado River, this spot offers breathtaking views of Lake Austin and the famous 360 Bridge. The field is easily accessible, making it an excellent choice for family photography. The golden hours of sunrise and sunset cast a warm, flattering glow, creating magical moments that are perfect for family portraits. The contrast of the bridge against the backdrop of the Austin skyline adds depth and character to your photos, making this location a must-visit for family photos.


Commons Ford Ranch

Commons Ford Ranch is a hidden gem in Austin, located in the Texas Hill Country near Westlake. This serene and spacious park offers a wide range of backdrops for family photography, from meadows and wildflowers to a big, old barn with lots of texture and character. The rustic barn and scenic trails add a touch of charm to your family sessions. The natural light filtering through the trees provides soft, diffused lighting, creating an ethereal atmosphere. Families can engage in various activities, like hiking and exploring, making it a perfect place for candid and authentic shots.


Woodlands Park

Woodlands Park, located in the heart of River Place in Northwest Austin, offers a lush and tranquil setting that’s perfect for family photography. The park features dense woodlands, a small pond, and a wooden bridge that adds a touch of rustic charm to your photos. The canopy of trees provides soft, dappled light, making it an ideal location for capturing candid moments of joy and togetherness. With plenty of open space, children can run and play freely, allowing for candid, fun shots that truly capture the essence of family life.

Bull Creek

Bull Creek is a stunning natural oasis located just outside Austin, providing a beautiful setting for family photography sessions. The clear, cool waters of Bull Creek offer a refreshing escape from the Texas heat and create a unique backdrop for family portraits. The rocky formations, greenery, and cascading waterfalls add a touch of natural beauty to your photos. Whether your family enjoys splashing in the water or simply lounging on the rocks, Bull Creek offers a picturesque setting for creating memorable images that highlight the joy of spending time together.



As a family photographer in Austin, I am fortunate to have access to an array of breathtaking locations that provide the perfect backdrop for capturing the love, laughter, and bonds that make each family unique. Whether you prefer the iconic cityscape of the 360 Bridge Field, the rustic charm of Commons Ford Ranch, the tranquility of Woodlands Park, or the natural beauty of Bull Creek, Austin has something for every family and every photographer. These locations not only offer a picturesque canvas for your family portraits but also create a meaningful experience, resulting in images that they will cherish for a lifetime. So, if you’re a family photographer in Austin, I encourage you to explore these beautiful locations and capture the magic of family life in the Texas Hill Country.

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